Tax consultation

We provide expert tax consultation in the following categories:

Business consultation

  • Advice on business start-ups
  • Tax comparison for different types of business
  • Business appraisals
  • Structuring of corporate groups
  • Tax optimisation prior to company acquisition or sale
  • Comparison of tax obligation
  • Tax optimisation for change of ownership 
  • International tax questions, opening a company or branch abroad, sending employees abroad
  • Reorganisation and bankruptcy
  • Advice for associations and non-profit organisations

Private client consultation

  • Optimising your individual tax situation
  • Tax optimisation for retirement
  • Comparison of tax obligations
  • Tax aspects of bequests and donations
  • International tax questions

Our professional goal is to maximise your wealth and minimise your taxes.

Specialised tax reports

For complex cases we provide you with specialised tax reports, as well as obtaining any required documentation from tax authorities.

Company audits

We provide comprehensive support for audits, including:

  • General company audits
  • Value added tax audits
  • Income tax audits
  • Social insurance audits

Tax ligitation

We support you throughout the tax trial process. We provide expert assistance during tax audit investigations.

Tax authorities and the court system

We represent you in dealings with tax authorities and tax courts all the way to the Federal Tax Court, if necessary.

We provide help with:

  • Appeals
  • Application for reduction
  • Application for deferment of fulfilment
  • Reestablishment of prior status
  • Legal actions