Business consultation

Our expertise in the area of business consultation encompasses the following areas:

Optimisation of bank rating

Up to date professionally prepared data about your business is a key component for bank loan applications. We provide this data, thereby yielding optimum rating results.

Preparation for financial meetings

In addition to bank rating optimisation we also help you prepare for meetings with your financial institution.

Negotiations with credit institutions

We also support you during negotiations with banks. If desired, we accompany you to appointments with your credit institution.

Asset building and retirement advice

People are aging, while government-provided retirements have been decreasing for years. Hence it has become increasingly important to focus on saving for your retirement during your most productive years. We consult with you on asset management and retirement with a focus on optimising your tax liability.

Returns on different investment options are substantially influenced by your tax situation. We provide personal advice on the many alternatives for wealth-building and retirement. This includes explanation of the options: real estate, investments, life insurance as well as retirement models and their tax implications. Of course, we take your risk tolerance and your existing assets into account.

General business questions

We analyse your current financial situation based on your business’ existing financial statements. We compare your business with peer companies and their financials. We identify and help you to address areas in your business’s financial picture that are in need of improvement. We strive to optimise processes, thereby maximising profits.